Simple And Easy Care of Orchids


The growing and care of orchids is multi-factorial process. There are many components that contribute to the thriving of an orchid and to getting an orchid to re-bloom.

For a good summary of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding orchids please go here. It is the many facets of orchid growing that makes orchids so fascinating and so rewarding. So the first thing to do is to determine what kind of an environment you can provide for the orchids. And then choose the orchids that will do best in the environment that you can provide. Of course that does not help with the orchid that was just so amazing that you just HAD to have it, or with the one that you were given as a present. But if you are acquiring them yourself it is best to stick to what will work in your particular situation of light, temperature and humidity. Try to duplicate the conditions where the orchid grows in the wild. Your success will be dictated by your passion and by what your particular situation has to offer in terms of a growing environment.

Check the literature on the kind of orchids that you want to grow, or that you know you have. A good way to do this is to read the various articles on orchids. Or check out books on orchids or more books on orchids to help you learn what they need to thrive.

Orchid Care:  Large Green Dendrobium Orchid

Find out what the cultural requirements are for these lovely creatures.

A summary of the factors that are generally important and that you must consider are as follows:

  1. Increased humidity above "normal" indoor humidity (usually 40 - 70%.) Check here for orchid humidity trays.

  2. Correct light.

  3. Correct daytime and nighttime temperatures.

  4. An appropriate watering regime for the kind of orchid. Often the need for a pure water source.

  5. Good fresh air circulation.

  6. The use of weak (dilute) fertilizer from time to time.

  7. An appropriate potting medium and pot (container) or mount for the orchid to grow on. Check here for orchid pots.

  8. Re-potting or changing the media as it decomposes or as the plant outgrows it.

This is just a list to help you get going with orchid care. Follow the links to other pages for treatment of these conditions and requirements in more depth.

Areas covered in more depth for the care of orchids include: articles, books on orchids, frequently asked questions, orchid humidity trays, and orchid pots.

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