Plant Orchid Care

Plant Orchid Care:

Here is the place to learn about some of the more unusual orchids and other plants.

One of the most interesting and unusual of the entire group of plants called orchids is the Vanilla Orchid Vanilla planifolia. This orchid is unusual in that it is the most important commercial orchid in the sense of commerce. It is from this orchid that vanilla extract is made.

Yes, that is right. Vanilla that you use in cooking comes from this orchid. It is the seed pod of Vanilla planifolia that is the "vanilla bean" and is used world wide in cooking and baking.

It has an amazing smell after being processed.

Another mysterious orchid is the Black Orchid. For years orchid hybridizers have tried to bred a black orchid that is truly black in color. Another fabulous orchid of myth and fame (but it is real!) is the Ghost Orchid.

Variagated Bromeliad

In addition to this is the entire family (and yes they are not orchids but they are amazing plants) are Bromeliads.

Bromeliads are an interesting group of plants. They are exotic and colorful and easy to grow.

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