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Consulting books on orchid care and gaining more knowledge will help you to take better care of your orchids.


EasyOrchids: Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens-Indoors and Out

-- by Mimi Luebbermann
Another book for folks just starting off in orchid growing. There is a great deal of very good information for the orchid grower. This is a down to earth easy to follow book. It has a great many photos as well. It will make growing these very colorful plants easy and a joy to beautify your home.

The Orchid Picture Book

-- by McDowell, Duane.
Another choice of books on orchids; this wonderful book to have on your coffee table will impress your guest and friends. Your guest will be delighted when they see the over 500 photos of stunning orchids. It also contains plenty of helpful growing information. There are a number of pictures from the country of Columbia which is rich with orchids.

Ultimate Orchid

-- by the American Orchid Society Staff and Thomas Sheehan
Sheehan is from the Smithsonian Institute which also has one of the worlds best orchid collection. The reviews of different orchids is complete as only the American Orchid Society could do. There are over 350 listed varieties in this book. It is sure to have some of the most stunning orchid photos. And sure to please even the most knowledgeable orchid enthusiast.

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