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This page has links orchids and other special pages that I think might be of some interest to my readers.

In addition to the links to orchid growers that appear on the bottom part of this page, there are a number of other pages that link to orchids resources.

Here is a page that links to more orchid information links.

Click here here if you are interested in other sites for flowers and related items.

If you would like to check out more links that relate to orchids and gardens then click on the word "gardens".

There is an entire page devoted to orchid related gifts.

There are two separate pages for orchid supplies. Both of them focus on "garden supplies" and "plants".

The last link page that focuses on supplies is a page devoted entirely to greenhouses and greenhouse related products.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not list a page for "orchid societies". Orchid societies can be invaluable help in your orchid growing journey.

For this next portion I have tried to pick individuals or orchid growers that I know personally or that I think will enhance your orchid experience at Orchids Plus More.

Click here to go to Richard's backbulb blog Please check out this link to my friend Richard Lindberg’s blog on his site Richard is a daily (almost) blogger and has tons of great information at his blog.

Richard has two orchid greenhouses and gets to see many spectacular orchids each month. He belongs to 3 orchid societies and writes this daily blog on orchids and orchid growing.

Here is what Richard has to say about orchids. “I have been growing orchids since 1999. Orchids are my life. It is a full-time avocation. My blog tells what I did and what is happening in my greenhouses. I don’t claim to be an authority on orchids. I will tell you what I did and if that helps you at all, that’s great. I know it helps me to explain the process.”

Do check out Richard’s blog and web site for more free orchid growing information. It is well worth the visit.

Here are some more links orchids resources:

Check out Mountain Orchids Nestled amidst the Green Mountains of Vermont, Mountain Orchids, is a small nursery devoted to the less common orchids.

Check out this link for flower pictures. This site contains thousands of beautiful flower pictures. Take your time to relax and enjoy the beauty of flowers.

Orchids Online Orchids Online owns, develops and maintains this website as a service to the orchid community.

Briggs Hill Orchids Bart and Helene Gendel cultivated their business, Briggs Hill Orchids, from their home until they built a special greenhouse

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