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Orchidaceae is the name of the family of orchids and it is one of the largest families of flowering plants.

It is also the name of our monthly newsletter, Orchidaceae.

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Orchidaceae consists of approximately 30,000 known species, classified into over 600 genera. In addition, orchid growers are creating new genera by creating inter-generic hybrids, involving two or more natural genera. They cross breed various orchids to try to get new, unusual, stronger or more beautiful orchids. The possibilities are literally endless.

Yellow Phalaenopsis

It used to be in Victorian times that orchids were only for royalty or wealthy aristocrats as they were very rare and very expensive. How times have changed! They are now the second most popular plant in the world, gaining quickly on the first, poinsettias. Orchids are often found in full bloom in local stores all over the world. Now, with the more modern techniques for growing and propagating orchids you can buy an orchid in full bloom for less than a bouquet of flowers and it might last a whole lot longer! Amazing plants orchids!

Part of learning about orchids is to learn about orchid history. If history is of interest to you then check out this link to orchid history.

Laelia Orchid

Equally fascinating is the myths that are connected with orchids of which there are many.

Want to know some of the crazy ideas people have about orchids? Then check out this page

So, basically this site is "All About Orchids". What I suggest is that you check out some of the other pages on this site.

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