I would like to tell you the story of my website success. Let me tell you a little about myself and how I have built a successful home based internet business.

I want to share my story so thay you know it can happen, that it is real and the YOU CAN NOT ONLY BUILD A WEBSITE BUT BUILD A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS AS WELL.

My name is Melissa Moravec. I reside in the beautiful Napa Valley in Northern California. I am a winemaker and a grape grower with a small wine brand Casa Carneros (www.casacarneros.com). I am also a passionate orchid grower who has been growing orchids for over 33 years. I was motivated to build this web site www.orchids-plus-more.com because I really have a drive to help others.

I happen to know a lot about both wine and orchids. I have a passion for both and love sharing that passion with others. www.orchids-plus-more.com is a largely information based web site helping orchid growers of all levels of expertise grow and bloom these marvelous creatures . Wine is my passion. Orchids are my passion. I also am passionate about helping others along the way.

And I am passionate about the company Sitesell and the web hosting system/tools Solo Build It or "SBI" that has helped me achieve and enjoy website success.

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What is SBI? SBI is an all-in-one tool that first taught me how to create the website. This is a critical point, because I literally knew nothing of how to build a profitable website before being introduced to SBI. I continue to use SBI to help me grow and manage my online business. Click here to see why I Love SBI

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I enjoy being successful. And I enjoy helping others be successful as well. And when I can figure out a way to help others be successful whether it is by re-blooming a beautiful orchid or fulfilling the dream of starting an internet home business then that makes me happy. It gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. I have found a company and a program that has helped me create a profitable website on orchids. I call that website success!

As a winemaker I worked in the corporate world for many years. I have had my own vineyard and my own wine brand for 25 years. I have been making small scale artisan Pinot Noir from the vineyard outside my home in the beautiful and famous wine growing region of the Napa Valley called Carneros. My career was demanding and after many years I found it difficult to balance both a "job" and the wine business of Casa Carneros. I started to look for other avenues that I might use for an income stream outside of the corporate winemaking role.

Let me say right out front. I love the Internet. Its power and connection absolutely fascinate me. I was involved with a volunteer group some years ago and saw the potential to reach such a wide audience and connect people and help people in ways that had been impossible before. I was key in helping develop an online teaching program for this group. "THEY" said it could not be done. "THEY" were wrong. So when I wanted to step away from the corporate rat race the internet was the first place that I looked. BUT you need to understand that I am not a super technical a person. I may love the internet but a webmaster I am not!!! I found and use a web-hosting system called Solo Build It or "SBI".

I have found a way to achieve my goals AND to help other people at the same time. I still make wine. I still grow grapes. And I also grow orchids and help other people to do so. I also help other people realize their dreams to have an online internet business. How cool is that? I love what is called "WIN-WIN" situations and this certainly is one!

The company and the program that I discovered is Site Sell. It is difficult to describe what Site Sell and Solo Build It (SBI)is briefly. Watch the videos for a better understanding. It will be time well spent. Essentially SBI is a company that provides a platform to build an online business. When looking for business opportunities on the internet there is a lot of hype and scam to deal with. I wanted to have a website and I wanted to have website success. I have been involved with Site Sell since 2005. I am happy to say that the culture of the company just continues to delight me. I love SBI, the motto is essentially "Pay it Forward". Of course, the company is in business to sell their products. But consistently time after time, year after year Site Sell and Solo Build It OVER delivers what they offer. I still get in to parts of the program and find myself talking out loud. "Are you kidding me? You can do that in this program?" I have a passion for wine. I have a passion for orchids. I have a passion for helping others. And I have a passion for SBI.

Let me tell you a little more about SBI. Here is the philosophy that the founder, Dr. Ken Evoy believed in. He knew that if someone had a passion for something, a hobby or a on or off line small business they could develop and build a website and share that story and knowledge with others. He explains clearly that you do not have to be incredibly computer savvy as SBI provides the tools and the technology for anyone with passion, knowledge and desire to succeed in creating their own web site. Believe me, I know this to be true.

If you are an entrepenurer or an aspiring entrepenurer and want an online business SBI has all the tools that you need (except the BAM) Brains, Action, Motivation that you supply. Check out these Case Studies of real successful SBI’ers.

Here is some Real Life Case Studies

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When I first started with SBI I thought that the deal was really good for all the services that SBI provides. It is a very forward thinking company and it just continues to get better and better. It truly is "The better it gets, the better it gets!"

Now in addition to the Action Guide there is coaching available that can help walk you through building a website and a business both online and in person. These are certified coaches that can help you continue to move forward to manifest your dreams. There is also a user Forum where there are lots of lively discussions and helpful souls.

This is the real deal! I personally know several of the SBIers who have done the same as I have. They have created successful online businesses. And for some of them it is the sole source of a lucrative income.

So if you have more questions, by all means I am happy to talk to you. Use the contact form below to contact me or give me a phone call. Or you can actually talk to someone (other than me) who has website success with SBI.

If you are really serious about having an online profitable business take the tour, check out the links, and learn how SBI can help you realize your dreams of website success!

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