The Most Valuable Gardening Advice

I think the most valuable gardening advice that I could give my readers is to get in touch with the plants in your house or your garden.

What is happening in the natural world is so important to everything and yet we often take it for granted.  Plants are a major life force on our planet. Their very existence on planet Earth paved the way for animals later. They take in carbon dioxide and give off life giving oxygen, that we, as mammals, simply can not live without.

Learn about plants and get in touch with the natural world.

Beautiful Pink Roses

These days is still strong debate going on about global warming.  Valuable gardening advice  and gardening tips take this into consideration.  I believe, unfortunately that global warming is a very real problem for the planet.

Global Warming An Issue?

Large amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere through various human activities.  One of these activities is farming and tilling the soil and this can be shown to increase global warming.

The use or overuse of fertilizers can also pollute our water supply. Global warming can be a real issue and it is worth becoming educated about as we may all have to deal with it.  Were you aware that the earth's soil gives out carbon dioxide in the atmosphere 10 times more than all human activity?  This comes from the bugs, microbes, fungi and worms in the soil.  When they respire,  digest food and then die they become part of the cycle.  In the past, plants have been capable of absorbing carbon dioxide caused by small-scale tilling. But with Agri-business there is not much small scale tilling nowadays.

Actually, some scientists contend that the increase of the globe's average temperature is because of the carbon dioxide the soil emits. Even if the global carbon cycle is capable of absorbing it, soil cultivation can lead to a warmer climate.

Here is some gardening advice, tilling can be minimized by mulching or sheet composting.

Valuable Gardening Advice:  Use Good Fungi! 

Good Fungi

In soil that is not tilled, there is a presence of a beneficial fungus known as the vesicular-arbuscular-mycorrhizae or VAM for short.  This can be seen through fruiting bodies above ground.  VAM actually forms a symbiotic relationship with plants.  Their filaments increase root hairs and provide nutrients to the plant.  They give out zinc, copper, potassium and phosphorus.  They get carbohydrates for the fungus in return.  If you can leave the soil undisturbed by not tilling this can be healthier for the plants and for the planet.  So this is valuable gardening advice:  mulching or sheet composing can reduce soil tillage and improve soil quality.

Surplus Nitrogen

Gardeners often waste nitrogen and manure.  Farmers, on the other hand, strive to do the opposite.  When it comes to farming,  the farmer often knows he needs less nitrogen to mix with an inch with compost, horse or steer manure. 

Unfortunately, gardeners often apply larger amounts of compost and manure than is needed.  They are not only wasting fertilizer but also wasting money.

The most valuable advice that can be given is to get in touch with the land. Do everything in moderation.  Be concerned about all the creatures living on the land, not just the humans.

Taking care of the land and all the creatures that the Earth supports is valuable gardening advice indeed!