Here Are Some Garden Tips and Garden Resources for You

This page is full of garden tips and other garden related resources to help you grow a better garden and to increase your enjoyment of the gardening process.

Most of the Orchids Plus More web site focuses on Orchids, Orchid Care, and How to Grow Orchids.  However this page contains lots of valuable gardening advice.

Garden Tips and Advice

I love orchids and have lots of orchid books and magazines but I also love plants and gardens of all kinds and find gardening magazines invaluable to help me to be a better gardener.  So check out gardening magazines and gardening catalogs to help you learn more about plants.

Who doesn't love to pour over the gardening catalogs, spread across the kitchen table in the middle of winter?  There with rain and wind or snow on the ground we can dream and plan of the spring and summer an flowers and perhaps a vegetable garden and sweet summer fruits.

One of the amazingly fun things to do in the middle of the winter is plan your future garden

It does not matter if you don't do it all come the spring thaw and warmer weather. Half of the fun is "Imagining the Possibilities."  What new plants will you try?  What new flowers will you grow?   What new plant friends will you make come the spring and summer?

During the planning process, remember to incorporate the principles of good garden design into your work. With planning, anything is possible in your outside garden at least in your imagination!

Orchid Garden 

Some folks who are lucky enough to live either in the tropics or in the more temperate areas where the spring and summer (and maybe fall and winter too!)  are more conducive to growing orchids outside.  For these lucky people they can plan on having an orchid garden outside.  Imagine being able to grow orchids year round without a greenhouse.  Imagine not having to bring your orchid friends inside for the colder winter months.

It is important to recognize the value of a garden as a healing environment.  This page links you to a lovely article, Garden as Healer by Gwen Nyhus Steward, B.S.W., M.G., H.T.  Gwen has written this lovely article that clearly outlines the spiritual, emotional, mental advantages and healing benefits to being in Nature.

If you can apply your imagination you can create Your Garden Escape. Everyone needs somewhere to retire to where there is nature and plants and perhaps some birds and bees and other creatures.  Here you can plan your garden escape.

Garden Escape

And who does not love the beauty and graceful fragrance of a rose garden? This page will give you a garden tips on having a rose garden to enjoy at your home. Everybody loves roses, why not have a few growing in your own garden?

I hope these garden tips and growing suggestions help yo enjoy the time you have to spend in your garden more.