What Is RSS?

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What's RSS?
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If you are not familiar with the concept than this is an overview for you.

It can stand for Real Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary or possibly other things.

But whatever the letters stand for it is important to understand how you can use it. It is an increasingly popular method of communicating on the Internet. It is a (relatively new) tool that gives you more control over the news you receive and the way that you receive it.

It is a simple tool that allows you to capture information that is pertinent to your business or interests. It offers quick delivery on current topics. And does not use up bandwidth.

How It Works:

1) A website or a blog creates an "feed" on the topic, subject or the niche that is its focus.

2) The particular feed that is created is a file that lives on an Internet server. There are literally now hundreds of thousands of these feeds that are waiting for an reader to subscribe to that feed.

3) You have a feed reader that reads the RSS feed (that you signed up to receive) and delivers or shows you the new items from that feed.

It is a way for both individuals or businesses to let others know what is going on or what is happening on an on going basis.

These "Feeds" are actually the information you get from a real syndication site. So, for example, you get the NY Times feed. The information from the NY Times is their Real Simple Syndication feed.

Obtaining a feed is completely in your control and catered to your interests. If, for example, you want to receive "orchids-plus-more" in this type of feed then it is completely your choice. All you need to do is add our feed "URL" into your reader. And then whatever I post to the blog, or change on the site goes directly to your reader for you to see whenever you choose. All you need to receive feeds all you need is a RSS reader. There are many now but you can try FeedDemon. FeedDemon to get started.

Feed Demon (and others) allows you to reed the feeds fast because they are set up just like a newspaper.

If you have a favorite hobby or news item, you enter this subject and when news regarding your interests show up they will display the next time you look at the feed. You simply read it at your convenience.

This technology is firmly in place now and has been embraced by individuals and businesses alike.

If you don not have time to read newspapers or watch news on TV you are still able to get all the news you want, when you want. You can get news from CNN or the New York Times, or Yahoo or whereever. You can get updates from both businesses and individuals when you want it.

There are now thousands of such feeds available and remember you have all the control - it is up to you to place the URL of the feed into your reader.

There is even some evidence to suggest that these RSS feeds will replace some of the emails that can clog your inbox. And some real hope that it might reduce spam to our email addresses.

That sounds good to me. It give me more time for Growing Orchids!

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