Orchid Resources, Links & Partners

Here is a list of orchid resources and garden related links and web sites.

  • Orchid Societies
    There are many orchid societies that have a great deal of information on orchids. You should consider them a great source of orchid information and education. Orchid societies come in all sizes from international to very local groups. Take a look and see for yourself.

  • Orchid Information
    Here is more orchid information mostly from non-orchid societies. You can gather more specific information from some of these sites. Some of the Web sites are commercial ones.

  • Garden Related
    While not specificlly related to orchids, here you will find information on garden related topics and not specifically orchid related. Our gardening friends will have information that I know you will find interesting.

  • Garden Flowers
    Here you will find information all about flowers from ground covers to trees and everything in between. Great information and plenty of shopping.

  • Gifts
    Are you looking for gifts outside of orchids? (I still think orchids make a great gift.) You will find gifts that are probably just right for what you need.

  • Greenhouses
    This is a favorite of mine and some great sites that will give you all the information you need about greenhouses.

  • Wonderful Flowers
    This is a great stop to see some of the flowers that are offered to you by our friends.

  • Orchid Vendors
    Yes, more orchids, some orchid plants that I don't carry and more. Enjoy looking!

If these are not enough links or not what you are looking for check out this page.

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