Dendrobium Orchid Care

The real trick in Dendrobium orchid care or all orchid care as a matter of fact is to gain some experience and education with orchid culture and to be preventive with respect to problems. It really doesn't take much time or knowledge to keep them healthy.

Dendrobium Orchid Care

Frequently people write me and ask me to recommend resources or sources of information to learn about orchids.

Currently the one I am recommending first is Orchid Care Expert: A Practical Guide To Orchid Care by Nigel Howell.

It is an excellent e-book. I own about 20 hard orchid books and over 5 orchid e-books. I like different books for different reasons. But this is the one I would suggest to start with right now whether you are a new orchid grower or have some experience.

Orchid Care Expert Book

If you are interested in checking out Nigel's ebook further click on the "Click here" link below and it will take you to where you can learn more about it. Click here!

On this page we are focusing attention to the Dendrobium orchid care. These are one of the most popular of retail orchid plants. If you want to check out other popular orchid plants check here. Dendrobiums are a true epiphytes or air plants. Their pseudobulbs can gather and hold water very efficiently. As with many orchids Dendrobiums have been hybridized with other orchid genera.

One species of Dendrobiums, Dendrobium phalaenopsis, has been frequently used to make hybrids. These hybrid orchids are noted for their upright, branching sprays of brightly colored flowers that resemble those of the genus Phalaenopsis. They like similar growing conditions as for Phalaenopsis orchids but Dendrobiums do better in a brighter location in your home. These Dendrobiums are very beautiful and almost as easy to grow as Phalaenopsis. If you have some straight forward easy information on Dendrobium orchid care you will be able to grow Dendrobium orchids.


This needs only to be done every two to three years. They should be placed in a porous, free draining media. This may be with a combination of wood chips, small stones and and even pieces of styrofoam peanuts. This will allow water and fertilizer to to drain. And will help with air circulation. Dendrobium orchids like to be somewhat cramped in their pots so it is best to make sure the roots are in the smallest appropriate orchid pot.


The Dendrobium orchids require about 50% sun or bright light. They will do well in an east or west window as well as a shaded south window.

They also do well under 4 - 40 watt fluorescent lights directly over the plant.


Dendrobium orchids require a difference in temperature between the night and day to aid in blooming. Preferably this difference should be about 10-15 degrees. The night temps they like is 60-65 F. (15-18 C.) with days up to 80-90 F. (27-32 C.)

Good air circulation is needed and is especially when the temperatures are above 90 degrees F. (32 C.)


Like most orchids, growing Dendrobiums need to be kept slightly moist while actively growing. When it is mature and after the blooming, as are most of plants they should dry between watering. This is important to help encourage them to bloom in another season.

Dendrobiums thrive when the humidity is about 50 - 60%. Humidity trays are usually needed while the plant is in the home.


Another aspect of good Dendrobium orchid care is the use of a balanced fertilizer like Jack's Classic or Miracle Grow 20-20-20. Use weakly, weekly. That is, use a solution which is between 1/4 to 1/2 the recommended dosage.

For more information on the care of orchids see the American Orchid Society

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