Leaf mush

by Deborah
(longview, tx)

some of my Phals suddenly started to have the leaves turn to mush, some were yellowed some were not. this is on more than one plant and happened almost over night causing me to lose 2 plants and I fear for another 2. Any ideas?

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Jun 09, 2011
What is causing mushy leaves and plant death?
by: Melissa

I am sorry for your loss of 2 plants.

The first thing that comes to mind is root rot. Phalaenopsis are prone to root rot if the roots get too wet and do not drain properly. Look to see that the pots have drainage holes. If they are in other pots like decorative pots that do not drain then the plants need to be drained before they are put back in the decorative pots.

The other possibility might be frost. But I suspect given your location that that is not what happened this time of year.

If the media of the two remaining plants is very wet then try to dry it out and consider repotting if the roots are fairly rotten.

Good luck!

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