2 Orchids Thats Never Rebloomed

by Edouard


I have 2 orchids that are not in bloom right now. The first one was given to me 2 years ago and never rebloomed. The other orchid was in bloom last April to May then the flowers fell off. (these are both Phals) I cut the spike 1 inch above the node and the other orchid's spike is cut all the way down. I am giving them the treatment of cold spell outside since the temperature here in CT goes below 60 at night. I am also giving it a bloom booster (10-52-10) whenever the soil dries out. Is there anything I can do to help induce flowering on these again? (It is the first week of September right now)

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Sep 04, 2011
More information
by: Edouard

Thank you so much for your help! Also, those two orchids are sitting outside under a patio umbrella where it is protected by the sun. I suspect the orchid that has not bloomed for 2 years should be helpful with giving it more bright light. The daytime temperatures go to about 70-80 degrees during the day and 65-56 degrees at night. I only water when the soil is very dry and I also poke holes in the soil to aerate the roots. I do as much as I can to help my orchids grow happily and to help promote blooming

Sep 02, 2011
Thoughts On What Might Help Your Orchids To Rebloom
by: Melissa

Hi Edouard.

Thanks for your question.

Let's treat these two orchids separately for now.

It is too soon to know if the one that you got in April will bloom again from the existing node but I suspect that it will. One of the reasons people do this (cut the spike in this way) as it increases the chance of the spike pushing as spike initiation has already happened.

The other one that has not bloomed for 2 years probably does not have the correct light. All else being equal, usually light is the culprit. That is if the other needs of the plant are being met like water, humidity etc. It sounds to me like you are doing a good job. Phals. like at least 1500 footcandles if that means anything to you. Bright indirect light. I grow mine about 4 to 6 feet off a south facing window and they bloom well. I grow a species Phal in an east facing window and it blooms 5 years out of 6. Right next to the window but no direct light. Sometimes just moving an orchid a little bit can get it to a place where it will bloom.

The cold treatment does seem to help sometimes. Just be sure not to leave them out for very long where it might get too cold for them. The rule of thumb is said to be about 3 weeks. But watch the weather if it is going to go below say 45 F. bring them in.

The bloom booster is a good idea however the Phosphorous sounds really high. I usually see the phosphate up to around 30 but 52 seems high. Make sure that you dilute the fertilizer to about one quarter strength. And make sure that you have watered the Phals. long enough to let the veleman of the roots absorb some water. Otherwise it will not be able to absorb the nutrients from the fertilizer. It is best not to fertilize any orchids until the media is wet.

I think you are doing a really good job. Check out the light thing for the one you have had the longest. And of course the cold treatment.

The other plant might start pushing a spike from a node in November or December.

Let me know how it goes!


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