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This page is largely informational and is devoted to orchid information and administration for the www.orchid-plus-more.com website.

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We know that many of our visitors are new to growing orchids and we try to provide a lot of good, free information to help our visitors appreciate orchids more and be more comfortable and more knowledgeable about how to grow and re-bloom these amazing Gems of Nature.

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More Orchid Information

If you would like to contact us please do so through this page. We are happy to answer orchid related questions and help you with your orchid growing journey. However if you do have questions, keep reading. The next few links are the best way to get your orchid growing questions answered. So if you do have questions regarding orchids there are three pages that can help. First try the "Frequently Asked Questions" Page FAQ's.

If you have questions regarding Phalaenopsis orchids, a very popular orchid and a great beginner's orchid go to this page. Here you can learn all about Phalaenopsis Orchid Care and at the bottom is a format to ask questions particularly about these lovely orchids.

If you question is about other orchids or orchids in general go to this page. Here you can also ask a question and read the orchid information questions and answers from other visitors.

This page is the sitemap for this site. It has all the pages and information listed there for easy access. Here is the page that will give you all our security and privacy policies and information.

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