Gardening By The Yard

You have been envious of your neighbors' spruced up garden. But now it is your turn.  By gardening by the yard you too can have a wonderful garden. If you use these gardening tips  you can have orchids and lush shrubs abound in your tiny nook of paradise. You ask yourself why you never get to have that kind of garden. And, you usually dismiss such wondering with lines like "I don't have a green thumb!" or "I can't afford a gardener or a professional landscaper".

If you want your yard to look good with a simple but well-maintained garden, you only need two gardening tips - determination to get it done and the knowledge of how to do it. 

Gardening By The Yard:  More Tips

Here is a simple list of my favorite tips on how to make your gardening by the yard endeavor a very rewarding one.

1. Deadheading

One good rule of the green thumb is to keep your border free from wilted flowers and dried leaves. Deadheading or removing dead flowers' heads will promote more blooming of your plants. Some perennials such as phlox, daylily, and Lady's Mantle get their growth jumpstarted by this.

2. Prune selectively.

It is a must to shorten the size of your annuals through selective pruning. This will help the plants to grow more.

3. Pinch out tops.

Certain plants respond when their tops get pinched out. Such plants include Coleus (a foliage plant) and herbs. This also allows the plant to spread out in width instead of height.

4. Fertilize lightly. 
I recommend that you use half the strength that is in the directions.

A minimal amount of fertilizer will further boost the growth of your vegetation. If you water your yard frequently, you have to fertilize it more regularly because of nutrient depletion.

5. Weed out.

This is one of the best ways to preserve the beauty of your garden by the yard. Moreover, removing weeds also provide better absorption of the soil's nutrients. If you can't help but use herbicide, do this safely and make sure that other plants don't get affected.

6. Water them well.

One good tip when it comes to watering your garden by the yard is to do it for shorter periods of time, more often. It will do well if you increase your frequency of watering a bit come summer time. But doubling the time you water your plants will do more harm than good, e.g. erosion.

7. Say no to chemicals.

Chemicals are just as hard to plants and the earth as they are to humans. So it is best to try to avoid most chemicals and try to solve your problem in a more organic way rather than using harsh pesticides. Physical pest controls or other alternatives are better options.

Use these simple tips and gardening by the yard witll be easier and you will be rewarded with a beautiful area near your home.

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