Environmental Friendly Landscaping

Landscaping can be an enjoyable activity. Here are 12 environmental friendly landscaping ideas and landscaping tips which requires a person to be innovative to the space that is available. Make sure that the landscaping coordinates with the view of the house and to the size of the space.

12 Tips for Environmental Friendly Landscaping 

1.   With environmental friendly landscaping it is recommended to use the view of the sky or big trees as the background for the scene and to frame the house. These views can add design to the landscape because the tall trees are generally placed in the backyard and the shorter ones in front of the house.

2.   An excess use of the foundation can make an unappealing view of the house. It is important that there is an exact measurement of the landscaping. Keep in mind that there should only be few shrubs in front of the house for environmental friendly landscaping.

3.   There should be a vacant space for planting and leave some walking space of about three to four feet from the trees that are planted.

4.   Place taller shrubs between the windows and remember that they should be color coordinated leaf textures to make a pretty picture.

5.   Do not plant tall growing trees in the parkway near crossroads. Some cities have ordinances that do not allow the planting of tall trees in those places. This also may be a safety issue. Most of the time low shrubs may be an option to cover some parts of the lot.

6.   Place the vegetable garden where there is sunlight. Recommended spots are areas where the vegetables grow faster is in the rows where the sun goes from north to south. Use environmentally friendly fertilizers.

7.   Planting taller trees or small near corners of the area may give a larger view of the house. It will also provide a softer appearance to the vertical lines of the house.

8.   Always provide space for the receiving area and the service area, construct some fences to give a clearer view of the space. Vines and small shrubs can be options to cover the extra space.

9.   Cover the things that are not pleasing to the eyes, like clotheslines and trashcans. Trellises and fences can be attractive when vines cover them.

10.  There are plants that grow faster than others even with changing weather and less attention. Plants that require full attention are not advisable in the garden - especially for beginners.

11.  Remember to take into consideration the various times of your planting and growing seasons which will give the sense of environmental friendly-landscape. Some plants may bloom early during the season and other later adding color at different times.

12.  Some gardeners have a compost pile which makes excellent fertilizer and is friendly to the environment.

Environmental friendly landscaping can be enjoyable if the space is large enough for tree plantings and landscape designs. Creativity and passion is needed to make it a masterpiece.

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