Volume 2 #5


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Volume 2 #5


1. Special Deal For Our Newsletter Patrons Only
2. Mother' Day Specials
3. Care of Your Lady Slipper Orchid Plants
4. This Months' Picture

You are getting this early because with Mother's day on May 8 I will be getting the May specials out to the general public on April 27th in the PM.


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Special Mother's Day Discount Just For Our Subscribers

Orchids-Plus-More wants your "special" mother to really enjoy this Mother's Day. So, between now and Ending on May 6th we are offering $5 off all plants in our store.

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DPTS Taidu Alisan

A Mother's Day gift that will last and last. The red orchid that glistens like gold is presented in a beautiful hand made Asian style basket with handle. Our beautiful red orchid measures 14 inches tall and is sent in bud and bloom with up to eight flowers! This is a beautiful and Rare orchid, great for Mother's Day..

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Oncidium Ct Twinkle

Small,but quite fragrant and a profuse bloomer - this miniature Oncidium will surely bring a smile to anyone who receives it. Oncididiums enjoy bright lite, so if you place this on a west facing window sill, it will give you years of enjoyment. Comes with wicker basket shown. Stands eight inches


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Blc Port of Paradise
Cattleya orchids will be admired by the orchid novice as well as the orchid expert. Cattleyas are true epiphytes which means they rely on the air you and I breathe to live. They are suprisingly easy to care for and they produce flowers unmatched in beauty by other orchids. Our Ports of Paradise orchid produces bright green flowers that emit a crisp fragrance. Sent in bud and bloom in basket shown. Orchid stands approximately 18 inches tall.br>
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Miltassia Kano

Beautiful orchid whose beauty has stood the test of time. Light green foliage grows in compact and flowers are perched on a wispy spike. The flowers have a spectacular center that is bright pink. Stands approximately 14 inches tall. Sent in handsome Asian style basket with crossbar. Sent in bud and bloom.

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What's New @ Orchids Plus More

Computer Glitch

For a while during April the "add to cart" button was not functioning. I want to apologize if that created any frustrations for you. It's all fixed now. Computers are great when they are working well...

We will be adding many new orchid plants.From new paphs (lady slipper) orchids, to phalaenopsis and some new oncidiums.

The cattleyas this time of the year are usually not in bloom and are sent as mature plants with buds. They will usually open within 4 - 6 weeks.

Tip of the Month

Care of Slipper Orchids - (Paphiopedilum)

To me slipper orchids are one of the prettiest orchids around. They have this waxy sheen to them and the petals and lips are thicker than most orchids. The one feature that sets slipper orchids apart from others is the lip. It forms a cup like pouch .

Another part of the slipper orchid that sets them apart is the uppermost sepal which looks like an inverted heart. The lower sepals may be almost completely hidden from view by the pouch.

Slipper orchids bloom singly for the most part. They generally flower from autumn to spring although there are now hybrids that can bloom at anytime during the year.

These orchids have no water storing features on them. Because of this they are generally terrestrial, growing in the shade of the forest floor where they can always be moist. So watering needs to be available constantly. The medium needs to be moist and never dry or soggy.

Slipper orchids are both warm growing and cool growing plants. The warm growing need temperatures from 60 -65 degrees to 75 -85 degrees. Whereas the cool growing orchid paphs need temps from 5- - 60 all the way up to 75 - 80 degrees. These orchids can also do well with a constant temperatures and the cool growing ones can stand temps into the 40's if needed.

As most orchids, slipper orchids require humidity between 40 - 50%. This may need to be augmented by using humidity trays. You can get a flat tray with sides. Fill the tray with stone pebbles and then add water about half way up. Place the plant on the tray making sure that the slipper orchid roots are not touching the water. If it does there is a good chance for root rot.

Because they grow in shade on the forest floor they should not be left in sunlight for very long. They do prefer shade.

Fertilizer is needed and I recommend 1/4 strength on a weekly basis. The fertilizer should be high in nitrogen so one with30-10-10 ratio is best. Monthly rinse the slipper orchids with water alone to prevent the fertilizer from building up on the root and potentially burning them.

You should re-pot infrequently, that is, about every second year is fine. You should use a mixture which has an excellent moisture retention like fir bark with perlite and some sphagnum moss.

See our slipper orchids with a nice selection

Following these rather straight forward rules will give you years of enjoyment with you slipper orchid.

Picture of the Month

If you are anywhere near Del Ray Beach Florida I will strongly encourage you to go to the American Orchid Society's headquarters. The grounds are just fantastic with beautiful outdoor orchid gardens and an indoor greenhouse to delight you. We went and highly recommend it. This is one of the pictures we took on the walk. It is full of different phalaenopsis.

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