Why Are My Leaves Puckered?

Why are my leaves puckered?

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Aug 13, 2011
Leaves Are Wrinkled Or Puckered From A Time When The Plant Did Not Have Enough Water
by: Melissa

Thanks for your question.

You did not elaborate much so I am going to have to make some assumptions to try to answer your question.

With some orchids (Oncidiums are a good example) the leaves can get a wrinkled or crinkled or sort of like an accordian like appearance.

This can come from a (even a single) time when the plant did not have enough water. It does not mean that the plant still needs more water. It may be adequate. Just at one point it was not. The leaves get wrinkly and it will not go away in that particular leaf even if the water status is fine for the plant now.

If many of the leaves look like this then it needs more water.

If this is not what you mean, and you could possibly upload a picture so I could see what you are asking I will try to answer your question better.

Hope this helps.


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