What to do when Orchid Stops Blooming And Blooms Fall Off?

by Ronnie
(Long Island, NY)

I received a Phalaenopsis orchid at Easter (end of April)and it had several beautiful pink blooms and buds. The orchid has continued to bloom and it seemed when one bloom was about to burst forth one other one would fall off. It has lasted until now. (Early August. I keep it indoors in light. I have watered it and fertilized it regularly according to directions). The two remaining flowers fell off within the past couple of days, there are no more buds and I'm not sure what to do. The leaves seems to be a healthy green and in fact, a new leaf is emerging. Is the plant in a rest or stagnant period? Should the stem be cut back? Can you advise if I have lost this plant or if this is a typical cycle the plant goes through and what I can do to encourage new growth and blooms?? Thank you.

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Aug 05, 2011
Your Plant Is Behaving Normally, Here is What To Do
by: Melissa

Hi Ronnie.

Thanks for your question.

It sounds like your plant is happy and growing completely normally. Good for you to get it to keep its flowers for so long. Phals. will stay in bloom a long time but that tells me it is happy.

Your plant is in a normal cycle and it sounds like you are doing all the right things.

You have a couple of choices with the spent flower spike. If it is still alive you can cut the stem about an inch above a node (bump, or where the flower came off the spike). I usually pick one that is 2nd or 3rd from the bottom. Sometimes (often) Phals. will push another spike from that node about a month or maybe two earlier than if you cut it off completely. I do this sometimes with a healthy plant. Mostly I do not.

The other choice is to cut it about one half inche above where it enters the crown of the plant and let the plant go into its normal cycle and wait for it to potentially initiate a flower spike in the late fall or early winter. Many Phals. naturally flower once a year and as you see can remain in flower for a long time. There are some hybrids that are freeflowering but many follow this cycle. the fact that there is a new leaf is normal and a good sign.

NO YOU HAVE NOT LOST THIS PLANT. On the contrary, it sounds like you are doing great. Continue to give it what Phals. need to thrive (correct light, water, temperatures, humidity) and it may reward you will a bloom next year.

If it flowers again you will have to come back and post a picture.

Good luck!


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