What Is Causing Bud Drop?

by Jen
(Bolingbrook, Il. US)

I just bought a Phalaenopsis Orchid. Within a few days of having it in my home the buds started to drop one by one. Now I have the stem, where the buds dropped off and it has dried out. And now I have noticed some leaf damage with light brown edging. It looks some what like something has been eating it. When I bought it though, it had a small hole in one leaf. I question is, can I save it? Will it bud again? If I take the proper steps? This is my first orchid and Id like it not to be a faliure.

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Sep 01, 2011
Blooms Wilting Probably From Lack Of Humidity Or Change In Climate
by: Melissa

Hi Jen,

Thanks for your question.

How great that you just acquired a Phalaenopsis Orchid.

I am sorry that it has lost its buds so soon. I know that is frustrating. When Phals. do bloom they can stay in bloom for months.

I will answer this some here but go check out these 3 other questions in this thread. "Phals Keep Losing Blooms", "Blooms Wilting", and "wilting Blooms" for possibly more information from other questions.

More than likely it is responding to a radical change in temperature or humidity or both. And occassionally this will happen when you bring a new Phal. home.

You want to keep your Phal. where it gets bright, indirect light. Definitely not in any direct sunlight. It might be helpful to put it on a humidity tray of some sort to increase the humidity right around the plant itself. The light brown edging might be from lack of humidity or too much sun.

It is of course possible that some insect is eating it but unless it was very infested with an insect like a scale or a mealy bug it would not lose the buds. And if there was that severe an infection you would be able to see the insects easily.

If you have a hand lens then look at the leaf with the lens to see if you can see any insects. If so, let me know and I will advise you further. Sometimes leaves get damaged in growth. It can be "normal".

Your question: "Can I save it?"

Yes, you can.

"Will it bud again if I take the proper steps?"

Yes, if you learn what Phalaenopsis need to thrive and give it to the plant it will eventually reward you with flowers. It may take a year or so as most Phals. bloom in that cycle.

Go back to the page that has this thread "Phalaenopsis Orchid Care" and read all about Phalaenopsis care. Then set it up so your plant has that sort of environment, water etc.

I do understand that this is your first orchid and that you want to succeed. The very good news is that Phalaenopsis are easy to grow and rebloom. They are a perfect orchid to start with if you are new to orchids.

Good luck!

Let me know how it goes.


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