What Do I Do With My Dtps. Now That It Has Finished Flowering?

by Dianne

My DTPS, has lost all it's flowers,the plant still has beautiful leaves. Is it garbage now? What do you do with it at this point? As you can see I am totally gardening illiterate.

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Jun 29, 2011
It will rebloom!
by: Cable Thompson

Your plant will rebloom in a year or so. After bloom care for orchids is very similar to caring for them the rest of the year. If the flower stem has turned brown, you can cut it off. (If it's still green, the plant might rebloom on that stem.) Then read the Phalaenopsis care information on this website, and if you still have questions visit my own orchid care site's Phalaenopsis orchid care instructions. Doritaenopsis (Dtps.) can be cared for just like Phalaenopsis.

Jun 23, 2011
Loosing Flowers is Normal if the Plant is Healthy
by: Melissa

Thanks for your question.

Yours is a good question! And one that others can benefit from reading.

Your DTPS is a Phalaenopsis hybrid. It is a Phal. X Doritas and is grown a lot like a Phalaenopsis.

Losing the blossoms on a healthy plant is normal.

And, yes, Phalaenopsis and Phal. hybrids have lovely leaves. It is ABSOLUTELY NOT garbage material!!! What do you do with it at this point? You grow the plant and try to provide it with what it will take to re-bloom. This may take as long as next year as that is the "general" flowering cycle of Phals.

You refer to yourself as "totally gardening illiterate". Everybody has to start somewhere. ;-) Perhaps this is your opportunity to learn some about plants.

If you do not want to try to grow this plant, please try to find someone who wants to try. Please do not throw a healthy plant in the garbage if you can find another home for it.

Should you want to learn more here is two pages on my site, one on orchids in general and the other on Phalaenopsis. Culture for the Dtps. is very similar to Phals.

For Orchids in General:

For Phalaenopsis Orchids:

If these links are not clickable then copy and paste them in your browser and hit Go.

Good luck,


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