What Are The Brown Bumps On My Orchid? What Is Wrong With It?

by Ashley

My husband bought me a orchid about a year ago. It did really well at first. The original blooms died on both stems and new ones came in on one and it was beautiful.

The second stem never bloomed again or looked like it was growing at all. The second set of blooms died away and then I started noticing little brown bumps on certain parts of the plant. There weren't many at first and there's not a ton now but there's quite a few and now my orchid hasn't been doing as well.

All of the leaves but one look like they are dying - they're wilted and becoming wrinkled and also all of the leaves have some kind of clear sticky fluid secreting out of them. The stem that did bloom again is slowly getting darker and darker (like it's dying) and the top half of the other stem is too. But, the second stem has a new growth coming out of it that was starting to bud.

The plant overall, really looks like its just dying except for the one new growth out of the second stem and the one leaf. Also the top of the stem are all bumpy now with light green/ yellowish bumps that are moist- I think they are going to turn brown like the original bumps I found. When I remove the brown bumps they are hollow and dry.

I used to water the plant once a week but it seemed too much for it given that we don't get a ton of light in our basement apartment (we do have windows, just not a lot of light).

Help please! What's wrong with my orchid?

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