Update From Edouard On His Phals.

by Edouard Chehab

Hi Melissa this is Edouard again,

I just wanted to give you an update on my Phals. The one that was cut above the node is pushing a secondary spike which is getting longer everyday. The Phal. that you said needed more light is in a eastern facing window that has now shed 1 of its lower leaves and is growing another leaf but no spike! How is it growing a new leaf if I'm only giving it phosphate and potassium but no nitrogen?? Very weird... I also have another "miniature" phal in a pot that also lost it's flowers. It has 4 small leaves with 2 spikes and thick, green nodes. Should I keep the spikes on or cut the spikes back? (its also growing a new leaf)

Thank you for your help so far!


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