Thank you

Hi Melissa,

I took your advice about my two orchids that never bloomed.

I put them both on a east-facing window and open the window at night to let in the cool air. Right now the orchid I cut above the node is pushing a secondary spike and hopefully it will have new blooms by next month. The other one that never re bloomed I moved to the east-facing window but has shown no new signs of growth yet.

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Sep 29, 2011
Your Welcome! And It Is Great Your Phal. Is Spiking!
by: Melissa

Hi again and thanks for your questions. I answered some of them by email since that is how your questions originally came. It is great that you chose to post here so others can learn as well.

I recommended that you try more light. And suggested you cut the Phal. with the spent but viable spike above the node. And great, now it is initiating a spike from that node. I think that it might be a little longer than a month until the blossoms open but even so, you can be patient and know that with proper care you will have blooms on that Phal. again. Good job!

Maybe you can post a picture here to this thread when it does.

The other one might take a much longer time to initiate a spike even if the conditions are right. Many of my Phals. do not start to spike until the late fall or early winter and then flower in the February to April time here in Northern California. When looking for a spike it will come from below the crown and it can look kinda like a root but the end will have a different shape, more like the end of a mitten. Please let us know if the changes work.

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