Stem Is Dying, Is My Orchid Dying Too?

by Melissa

I have a Phalaenopsis orchid. It has bloomed and after the flowers all died I cut the stem just below the lowest flower. Since then the stem has started to turn yellow and the yellow colour is spreading down towards the base of the plant. Is the plant dying? What should I do?

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Jul 27, 2011
Cut The Stem Off, Probably Your Orchid Is Fine.
by: Melissa (another one!)

Hi Melissa. Thanks for your question.

You have probably noticed that my name is Melissa too.

Regarding your Phalaenopsis orchid, No, I do not think that your plant is dying. It sounds like the stem is dying back as they sometimes do. Probably it is not a problem as this does happen alot. You can either let the stem die back and remove it when it is dry or cut it off now.

If you are concerned for the plant you could take a new single edged razor blade and cut the stem about a centimenter or so aboove the crown of the plant. Take care not to cut yourself and not to cut the plant, the leaves or the roots. Then discard the razor blade.

Then make sure you study up on what Phalaenopsis orchids need to thrive and rebloom and see if you can provide that for the plant. Hopefully in about a year it will reward you with a new spike and blossoms.

Good luck,

Melissa (the other one)

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