New To Orchids Need Some Advice After The Bloom Is Gone

by Janeta

In March of this year I purchased an orchid from a local supermarket (one stem,three flowers and four buds.) White petals with pale pink centres, broad dark green leaves but I do not know what the name is or the species.I have been thrilled with it but it has now dropped all its flowers. Please help if possible!!! What do I do, prune it and how? water it and feed it or even repot it, also I think from the root system there is a 4 inch long growth encased in a very thin dry skin,it has a sort of mitten shape on the end, if this is a flower stem do I stake it upright and do I split the dry casing that is on it, can you tell me what this is please, is it a root or a new stem. Please help.

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Aug 27, 2011
Do I Prune After Flowers Are Gone?
by: Melissa

Hi Janeta,

Thanks for your question. I apologize. I thought I had answered this one but see that I have not. There are some other threads on the same subject so perhaps you might wish to read those.

Your description makes me think that you have a Phalaenopsis. If so make sure you check out the other question forum as well on Phalaenopsis. Look on the Phalaenopsis page.

Phals. are lovely orchids. I just so like them.

It sounds like the fact that your orchid had dropped all of its flowers is in the normal cycle of things. Phals. will often bloom for a long time. But eventually they stop and have to rest up for the next year.

I am happy to try to help.

If the spent flower spike is brown and dead cut the stalk about a centimeter or so above the crown of the plant where it goes into usually just below the leaves. If it is not, and the other "thing" you describe is a root and not a flower spike then you can cut the spike about a centimeter above a node. the node is where the flower came off the spike.

Also go and read the page on Phalaenopsis (#9 on my navigation bar on my web site.) There is lots and lots of great, free information there to help you learn how to take care and rebloom this orchid.

Other than that, Phals. are not "pruned" per se, unless an old leaf turns yellow and needs to be removed. The page on Phalaenopsis covers watering and feeding as well.

You probably do not need to repot it unless the media is breaking down.

The "4 inch long growth encased in a very thin dry skin,it has a sort of mitten shape on the end" could be a root but usually a mitten shape on the end of a growth like that is an indication that it is a flower spike.

If it is a flower spike it would be best to stake it. PLEASE do this very very carefully as you do not want to break it. It is best to put a stake at the angle it is growing and carefully tie it with nursery type wire or tape (loosely). You just want to "support" the spike. If you try to force it much at first it could break. Do not split the dry casing that is on it.

I am actually not sure what this casing is unless it is the outer covering of a root (veleman).

If you could send me a digital picture that would be the best and then I might be able to give you more specific advice.

Good luck.

I hope this helps!


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