New Momma For An Orchid, Should I Repot?

by Ashley

My husband just sent me a beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid for our one year anniversary (he is currently serving overseas). I have always loved orchids, but I haven't ever owned one, let alone tried to care for one! It came potted and on a little trellis in a plastic pot along with another little plant. Should I re-pot the flower by itself in order to lengthen its life span? I would love for him to come home in a couple of months and see that I have kept it alive for that long! Any advice would be graciously accepted.

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Jul 30, 2011
Let's Keep Your New Lovely Orchid Alive!
by: Melissa

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your questions.

What a lovely gift your husband sent you. Orchid plants make lovely gifts. Let's keep this new lovely orchid alive until he comes home!

It is great that you love orchids and now you get to know one even better.

Phals. are great orchids to learn about orchids. They are my number one suggestion for a great beginning orchid as they are easy to grow and rebloom. Beautiful, elegant, very forgiving and the flowers can last a long time.

OK, on to your orchid. If it is in a plastic pot that does not drain you will need to repot it. Look at the plastic pot that the two plants are potted in and if it does not have holes to let the water drain out relatively easily then your Phal. MUST be put in a media and a pot that allows it to drain. This is critical.

Nurserymen often put plants in arrangements like this that are lovely looking gifts but are not suitable for the long term growth of the plants. You did not say if the other plant is an orchid so I am going to "assume" that it is not.

If the orchid is in anything that looks like dirt it MUST be repotted. Phals. grow in various media but orchid bark and moss are common. I personally prefer orchid bark. It is like little pieces of wood and is available in most nursery stores. So if you need to repot it then write back to me and I can walk you through it.

Also to learn more about your orchid go to these two pages on the site.
For Orchids in General:

For Phalaenopsis Orchids:

Let me know how it goes!


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