New Growth On Cattleya Orchid in Greenhouse is Black and Slimy

by Pete

I placed my cattleya orchids in a green house 2 months ago and now the new growth is turning black and slimy.
What has gone wrong?

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Jul 31, 2011
Black and Slimy Sounds Like Bacteria or Fungus
by: Melissa

Hi Pete,

Thanks for your question. Sorry it took a while to get back to you. If you can upload a picture that would be more helpful.

First thought is black and slimy is a bacterial problem. Particularly if it is spreading quickly which can be the case, sometimes.

Or it could be fungal.

Either way it is not good news.

In either case you should consider isolating the plant from your other plants so it does not spread. Both bacterial and fungal infections can spread to other plants by water splash as well as the use of tools.

If it has continued to spread I would immeditely sprinkle the infected part with cinnamon (yes, cinnamon, the kitchen spice).

Then consider removing the infected part. I would try to wipe the slimy part off using a tissue and alcohol (like from the drug store). Use one alcohol soaked tissue and throw it out. Continue with a new tissue each time until most of the slime is gone.

Another method is to put Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) on the infected part. I think I would try this first. We can get this in drug stores in the US.

Then you might consider removing the rotten part using sterile technique if that means anything to you. Or you could use NEW single edged razor blades, using one for one cut and discarding it until you get to healthy tissue. Do not use the razor blades more than once as you risk the chance of spreading the infection. New single edged rzor blades are a really cheap way of doing sterile technique. Dust the last cut of healthy tissue with cinnamon. Cinnamon works to help protect the cut from further infection.

Hope this is helpful.

Let me know how it goes.


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