Need Help With Root Rot & Re-potting

by Anique
(Ottawa, Canada)

Hi there! ^.^

My name is Anique and I recently started working at the Superstore in the Floral department. I instantly fell in love with the orchids we receive so I now have 3 normally sized Phalaenopsis and 1 mini Phalaenopsis.

Unfortunately, at first, I did not know what to look for when buying these orchids and recently I have realized one of the normally sized ones has root rot. Pretty much all the roots inside the pot are donzo... but there's still quite a few aerial roots that look healthy but a little dried/shriveled at the ends.

The flowers still look healthy, although two buds fell off. & the leaves look great, with just one that has started turning yellow.

Is there a chance I can save it by re-potting? I need to know if there's some kind of food that can stimulate new root growth.

I look forward to your reply. x]

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