My Orchid Has Leaf Troubles

by Sammi
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I have had my orchid for quite sometime now and have found myself CONSTANTLY moving it from spot to spot within my house to keep the bugger happy with light and circulation. Just when it begins to recover it throws a tantrum and does something to express its suddle discontent. My most recent problem has been my leaves. The original 4-6 are still long and relatively wide and a yellow-green (more green) color but the edges have gone er... purplish? Its just a fine line along the edge of the leaf and on one up the middle. I never noticed this purple prior to just recently. My new leaf that has sprouted up is fatter than the others. It is DARK green with lots of purple looking line ticks all over the leaf. Its companion leaf which is growing off the same stump/ base is a light yellow-green like the other momma leaves but its tip is dark green and the underside is most definately PURPLE. My orchid has TONNES of leaves...let me count them all. 16 leaves that I can visably see...there were some growing under the moss. Is this normal or healthy? All the orchids I've always seen have had 8 leaves tops.

Also some of my 'momma' leaves have nicks and damage to them. The damage is light brown...more creme tan colored. I can't find any bugs. I've checked the bugs/diseases page. I just want to know thats going on with my orchid.

I've also read that your supposed to cut the branch that the blooms have grown off of right to the base? Is this true and if so where in the heck do I cut it?

On another note I plan on repotting my picky child as her leaves have outgrown her pot...shes hanging over by about an inch now...yes I've delayed her repotting as I've been nervous about doing so.

Can anyone help me out here? I know its alot to read and there are a few problems but I don't want to anger this orchid any further than I already have.

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