Moth Orchid ?

by Alan

This beautiful plant was given as a present about 2 years ago, it hasn`t stopped producing blooms yet but has started pushing out what I can only conclude are roots.

The question is: should these "roots" be trimmed off & what about re-potting?

I would be glad to know your thoughts.

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Sep 29, 2011
Roots On Your Phalaenopsis Orchids
by: Melissa

Moth Orchid ?

Hi Alan, Thanks for your question.

It is incredible that your Phal. continues to produce blooms. It must be one of the newer free blooming hybrids as most Phals. will bloom for up to 4 months but they generally only bloom once a year. What a lovely present!

Yes, it sounds like it is producing roots now as well. As an epiphyte they are prone to having aerial roots.

In answer to your question: Should these "roots" be trimmed off? NO. If the roots are healthy, green or whitish or even brownish and firm they are signs of a healthy plant. I say: "Healthy Roots Equals A Healthy Plant". Some people think they are unsightly. To me, if they are healthy I think they are beautiful and normal. If they bother you you can tuck them into the potting medium when you repot if they can be coaxed to bend that way. If you must cut one or two off you can do so if the plant is healthy. But if it is not healthy, you can make it harder for the plant to thrive.

Your second question: "What about re-potting?"

You can repot if the medium is breaking down or if it has outgrown the pot. Otherwise Phals. can go several years without needing to be repotted. It just depends on the individual plant and its size and the condition of the medium it is in now.

Hope this helps. If you need help repotting then write back and we can discuss it.

Sorry it took me so long to respond. It has been busy these days.

Good luck,


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