Lost Center Leaves and Now Re-Blooming!

by Sam
(United States)

I wonder if this is unusual for an orchid that has lost its center leaves to continue to grow and bloom. I have a Phal. orchid that has done just that it's center leaf rotted of but the remaining leaves were still intact now I have noticed that it has a new flower spike growing in addition to this spike the old flowers stem is now producing a new spike as well. It must be the great care it has been given.

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Jun 25, 2011
Phalaenopsis Recovers from Crown Rot to Re-Bloom!
by: Melissa

It is unusual that a Phal will recover from crown rot. And you are either very skilled or very lucky or both. It must be the great care you have given it. Good job.

Phals are prone to crown rot and that is what happened to the center leaf. They do come back sometimes but usually it takes some treatment. I have had success with using cinnamon (yes the kitchen spice) and sprinkling it on an infection. The cinnamon is anti-bacterial or anti-fungal or both and I have had the Phal. live to re-bloom. But I have also lost them to the rot.

The fact that your orchid plant is re-blooming is telling you that you are doing it right. Again good job. Keep it up!

Good luck and thanks for sharing.


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