Is It Possible To Repair A Broken Orchid Stem?

How do we repair broken Orchid stem? We have an Phalaenopsis which had several flowers... by accident broke a stem; not completely off, but still attached... how can we mend the broken stem?

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Oct 26, 2011
Sometimes But Mostly Not
by: Melissa

Thanks for your great question: "Is It Possible To Repair A Broken Orchid Stem?"

The short answer is mostly not. That said let me elaborate a little. If the stem has just creased mostly and not broken through the outside of the skin, if can be restored to an upright position and gently tied or clipped in place you might be able to keep the blossoms alive and allow the flower spike and the blossoms to live out their natural cycle.

Having a spike break (or even bend severely) is depressing for sure. It happens. Things hit the plant. The plant falls over. A beloved pet either attacks it or by accident hits it and the stem snaps. If the stem is only creased I have successfully splinted the stem and had that work.

I have used chopsticks or floral sticks or bamboo sticks. Usually my successful ones I have staked on both sides and even put a little tape around the actual crease. And then it must be stablized so that it does not move much. I have used little butterfly clips that I have. I have also used floral tape and floral ties. It is important to tie it firmly but loose enough so that it does not constrict the flow of the plant juices.

Essentially that is it. The plant has a vascular system if you will made up of vessels such as the phloem and the xylem. If these vessels are not that damaged and the water and nutrients can continue to move up and down the broken spike, then the stem can still remain fresh and even heal some and the blossoms will maintain.

If it is too damaged when it is first broken, then just cut it off the plant (use a new razor blade or sterile technique) and put it in a vase and enjoy it as a cut flower. It will not last as long of course but you will still be able to enjoy the flower spike somewhat.

Good luck with this.


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