I Need Help With New Cattleya Orchids And Bugs

by Janett
(Reno, Nevada)

I just purchased a Cattleya orchid and I just watered for the first time and saw some kind of white hairy bugs (I think they are Mealy bug.)

Also, I just noticed white spots on some parts of the leaf and root. After I watered it a centipede came out to the surface.

I will attach some pictures of the roots because I think they are very dry and I don't know if that it's normal.

I just bought it and I don't have much knowledge about orchids.

What can I do with the bugs and centipedes? Does my orchid have hope or is not going to last long?

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Sep 16, 2011
Cattleya Orchid Bugs, Etc.
by: Anonymous

Hi Janett,

First comment -- Looking at the photo your orchid looks to be in very good condition. The roots of Cattleya orchids are covered with a sponge that sucks moisture from the air-- this covering is white.

Have a look at the very tip of the root and you will most likely see a green tip, this is the actual root and if green the root is perfect.

Secondly-- To get rid of the grubs, etc. give it a dose of Pest Oil-- readily available from garden centres.--- It looks from the photo the grubs were only using this as a home, otherwise the roots would have been eaten to pieces. DON'T water too much it is better to be a little bit dry as Catts like to dry out between waterings-- if you think it is too wet leave it for the next day, the bulb holds the moisture so it wont die overnight.

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