How To Water A Phalaenopsis

by Natalie

I am an orchid novice. I have 2 Phalaenopsis orchids, one almost a year old, the other about 6 months. I have been using the ice cube watering system. I see now that I have been neglecting the flushing out and fertilizing.

Since I have been using the ice cube system, I don't know how much to water with the diluted fertilizer. Just until it flows out? That might be very minimal right after flushing out.


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Sep 12, 2011
What If You Only Have Softened Water?
by: Anonymous

What if your house has only softened water? Where do you get plain water that will not cost you a fortune?

Aug 10, 2011
I Don't Like The "Ice Cube Method" For Watering Phalaenopsis
by: Melissa

Hi Natalie,

Thanks for your question.

Welcome to the amazing and wonderful world of orchids!

There are a couple of threads in this Phalaenopsis
question area on the "ice cube orchid" or the ice cube method of watering Phalaenopsis. You might wish to read them.

Let me be up front (again). I do not like, nor do I recommend this method for watering orchids for a couple of reasons.

I know of almost no orchid and definitely not Phalaenopsis that grow where the water is just above freezing. Most like it in the more like 65 F. (18 C. range). I know it has become popular and that there are ice cube orchids and even a web site. But my advice is to do it differently.

Here is how I would recommend you do it, and how I do it with my over 35 Phalaenopsis.

I take the plant and put it in a sink. I run water (not softened water) through the plant 2 to 3 times over say a 15 minute period. This has the added benefit of flushing out the plant. Then when the veleman has absorbed some water (the outside of the orchid root) that is when I will fertilize with a dilute fertilizer solution if I am going to fertilize. With the roots hydrated the plant can uptake the nutrients. It is not good to fertilize a dry orchid.

Hope this is helpful.


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