How To Divide Phals. With New Growth From The Sides

by Mary

Hi Melissa - I was given a Phal. last winter - my first orchid. After the last bloom finished and fell off and the spike turned yellow and ugly, I clipped it off at the base. I took it to a local (excellent) garden center for "coaching" and they pointed out that there were 4 plants crammed in the tiny pot and I should divide and repot them. I did that in the spring using spagnum moss.

All summer, I've been feeding them "weakly, weekly" with 18-18-18. Since then, they've been growing new leaves and ariel roots like gangbusters. On two of the plants, they've produced new leaf growth from the base of their main plants. One of those has 2 big new leaves and a 3rd one is coming in. Is this new growth firmly attached to the "mother" plant? Will I ever be able to divide them from the "mother" and if so how?

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