How To Deal With A Yellowing Leaf

by Joanne Lezama
(Toronto, Canada)

I have a Phalaenopsis which has a brown yellowish leaf; do I just cut it off with a sharp knife?

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Jan 27, 2012
That Is A Good Way To Deal With A Yellow Leaf
by: Melissa

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for your question regarding what to do with an aging or yellowing leaf.

If it is just dying from age and not rotting in any way you can just break it off (this is pretty easy with your fingers) or cut it off at the juncture of the leaf and the crown. There is a little "line" where the leaf will naturally come away.

If you cut it be sure to use a sterilized knife (alcohol or heat) so you do not transfer disease to the cut. A real easy way to do this is use a NEW single edged razor blade. The throw it away when you have used it once.

If the leaf has disease make sure that you do not cut the disease material and use the knife or razor blade to cut healthy material. You could transfer the disease this way if you did.

Sometimes with old leaves on a Phalaenopsis I will split the leaf up the center, by hand. Then as the leaf begins to die more in a couple of days I just remove the pieces of the leaf by hand by pulling away from the little line on the crown.

Hope this helps!


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