Orchidaceae Newsletter February, 2006

Volume 3 #2


1. Very Special Valentine Orchids
2. Tip of the Month
3. Looking for a Second Income? 4. Why the Overnight FedEx?


Hi Everyone,

January was sure a hectic month. It was great having our daughter around between college semesters. Naturally, she was busy getting back together with her friends and recovering from shoulder surgery. She's a goalie in soccer!

Now we are back to empty nesters and getting used to that phase in our lives.

We have had very positive feedback about our new orchids. They love the exquisite quality of the orchids and the packing.

We have added more to the site including some more traditional phals and Miltonia (seen in "other orchid" section. If you haven't had a chance to browse check out our exquisite orchids at http://orchid-store.orchids-plus-more.com

Year Round Bloomers and Free Blooming

I wanted to remind you about our ever-blooming orchids. Some of the greatest orchids that I have seen are the ones which bloom year round. Yes, orchids that are in bloom all the time.

We have one of these and they are in bloom most of the time. It's really beautiful.

We also have some that are called "Free Blooming". What is that you ask? These are orchids that bloom any time they want and do it frequently during the year. I categorize them as year round blooming on our Web site.

These orchids will do great, just follow the easy care instructions which come with the plant.

Good care = Great results

#2 Specials of the Month

Very Special Valentine Orchids

Here are stunning orchids for your Valentine. I'm sure one of them will be perfect for you.

Come and take a look: at these exquisite orchids

You will find the
White phal with valentine red lips for $59.95

Miltonia "Red Wine" Waterfall for $54.95

Miltonia fuscatum for $34.95

#3 Tip of the Month

Growing Orchids On Trees

Do you live in Southern Florida or California? If you do then you can really enjoy orchids year round. Growing orchids on trees can be a blast. It can enhance any surrounding. Beautiful, colorful orchid plants will make your outdoor area very inviting.

The trees..

Imagine the expression on the faces of your guests when they see orchids growing on your trees. First, though, you will need a tree that does allow some sunlight to beam through.

Trees like palms and citrus are some prime examples. Oaks may even be candidates. To be sure that you are in a suitable area look on an agriculture climate map and if you live in zone 11 you can do this successfully. Remember their are micro-climates that could allow you to plant these further North.

Some orchid candidates..

You will need to pair the right orchids with the right amount of sunlight that is available. In a really sunny area vandas would be a good choice to start growing orchids on trees. In shaded areas phalaenopsis or cattleyas are a great choice. If you need help an orchid grower will be helpful.

How To...

The first rule you should follow before attaching orchids growing on trees is to attach it during the time the orchids are growing their roots. For example, if you are attaching a cattleya you would do this during the months of January or February. If you choose two months before the orchid plants will bloom your in the right timeframe.

Attach the orchids with either cotton twine or a monofilament like fishing line. Wrap the plant firmly but not to damage the roots and pseudopods to the tree. It will usually take several times around to do this.

It will be important to successfully start growing orchids on trees to mist the orchids almost daily unless there is rain. This needs to continue for about two months until the roots attach themselves to the tree. Also, don't forget the fertilizer.

By the time this occurs your orchid plants should be blooming and really enhancing your landscape. Orchid plants will brighten any area indoors or out. But, to have orchids on your trees is such a beautiful "back to nature" experience.

Did you know that in our store we are selling orchids which are growing on wood bark and cork. These are all ready rooted and it will make any surroundings take on a lovely view. Take a look at our examples of growing orchids on trees. Looking For Another Income? How about

#4 Why FedEx overnight during the winter?

We are requiring FedEx shipment overnight during the winter even on shipments that go to the South. There is a really good reason for this.

FedEx uses 3 hubs for their distribution, Nashville, Dallas, and Indianapolis. It is not possible for us to designate a hub for our orchids. And even some of these more southern hubs get winter freezes.

We cannot take a chance with the weather or the hub for orchids. As you know orchids are sensitive to the cold. We want your orchids to arrive in the best condition.

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