Orchidaceae Newsletter December 12 2005

Volume 2 #12a


1. A Stroke of Good Fortune


Last Wednesday was to be the last day for the Orchids Plus More site. During the afternoon I received a call from a favorite orchid grower that I have learned to trust. He agreed to supply us our orchids.

The orchids that I will be presenting are Premium Orchids at a reasonable price. I wanted to be sure that the orchids you see here are not the orchids you will find on other orchid sites.

I have also been able to give you different ways of getting the orchid you need. You will see orchids that are;
in bloom YEAR round;
fragrant orchids;
orchids that are in bloom now;
bark and cork mounted orchids;
and by genus

Due to the additional fuel costs with FedEx I need to separate out the shipping costs and can no longer offer Free FedEx.

Over Night Shipments During the Cold Weather

For the safe delivery of your orchids, you will see that we are reverting back to overnight FedEx only. We are unable to predict which FedEx distribution center will be used.

Orchid Discount For You!

Once again I want to thank you for continued support. I want to show you my gratitude for your support. There will be a $10 discount on any orchid plant over $40 value that you order between now and Dec 31. In the section marked message or ordering instruction ADD THIS CODE: DEC DISC. I will refund your discount manually after your order is complete.

Thank you, welcome back, and may I wish you the happiest of holidays to you and your family.

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