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September, 2006

Hi Friends:

I hope that your Labor Day weekend was restful. It's hard to believe that summer is closing in. It's starting to get cooler here.

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This month newsletter includes:
..Our Monthly Specials
..Our Monthly Tip - Buying an orchid

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Thanks again, Bob

Specials of the Month - for Sept 2006

We also have a wide variety of "Fresh from the Grower" bouquets and our Very Special Engraved Roses

Here are some stunning Orchids for any special occasion. How about one for your home?

Dendrobium Auriculatum
This is a Frequent Bloomer through the year and is mounted on a nice piece of bark. Really easy to care for - $47.95 with Free Shipping

Howard's Dream
This spectacular orchid will have 4 inch flowers and on sale with Free Shipping for $53.95

Double Spike Yellow Phal with Deep Red Lips, this is a very erogenous orchid and the blooms last up to 3+ months.

Did you know we have access to orchids which bloom nearly all year long. Yes, you read that right. Check them out

Tip of the Month

Be careful - Cheap Orchids Can Be Dangerous!

There are really some good orchid buys out there but be careful cheap orchids can be giving you exactly what you are paying for.

Yes, orchids are now so plentiful that you can buy them in your favorite grocery store or home center. But be careful cheap orchids can be dangerous. Not very long ago you would only see orchids in exclusive areas or with devoted hobbyists. Now with the propagation techniques there have been an explosion not only in the numbers of plants but in the hybrids. I was reading an article where they quoted the number of hybirds running near 100,000. That's a number that is a higher than I have seen.

Orchids purchased from a florist, a company devoted to plants or a nursery are most likely going to good, healthy plants and they will usually stand behind them. You see that they are labeled with not only the genera but also the species.

As you can remember each genera and even some species will require different growing environments to become outstanding plants. Some may need to get more light while others may need to have a dry spell.

Now remember, be careful cheap orchids may be dangerous. Why do I say that. Well, I have seen orchids in grocery stores and in home centers and found that you get what you pay for.

Most orchids I have seen in these stores are not labeled with enough information for you to get the correct growing requirements. If this is the case I would not recommend that you buy the plant.

Be careful! Just before the transportation to the stores another serious problem usually occurs with your orchids. They are re-potted. Most orchids do not need re-potting at least every 2 years. WE also see damage to the root system in the rush to complete the re-potting process. The places that send these plants out are usually doing so on a mass production basis. This creates a stress for the orchid. And this stress added to the transportation which in some cases can be more than a week subjecting the orchids to the changes in temperature either in the truck or in the warehouse.

When the plant is repotted it is given a growing mixture that will hold the moisture in the plants. Most times this is the wrong mixture. Orchids are mostly air plants and very few grow in soil. Part of the mixture that is used has moss and some soil. Most hobbyist would transplant the orchids (again) and put in the appropriate growing medium.

Be careful about these orchids, check not only the growing medium but also if the orchid seems lose in the pot. Sometimes the pots are too big for the plant or the root have been damaged. Check also how healthy the leaves look. Are crinkled like your skin when you are in the water for a long time. This can be a sign of cold temps or not enough water. If the leaves have brown spots or are brown this is a sign of excessive temps or being injured by the sun.

In other words, "buyer be ware".


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Picture of the Month

This can be your orchid collection

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