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Hi Friends:

We certainly hope that your month has been going well. Winter is almost half way through. I know "finally" for some of you.

Can you believe it - Valentine is right around the corner. What a romantic time of the year. What plans to you have?

Is one of them to send an orchid? I think it should be. Orchids will last for years and not just a few weeks.

Your gift will be remembered each time it is looked at and especially when it blooms over and over again. I have some good orchid tips for you as well as some great specials.

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INDEX: 1: Orchid Specials this month
2: a. February - what should we be doing?
3: Special Orchid Pics

Specials of the Month - for Valentine '07

Valentine Specials for that Someone Special

Here is a very colorful orchid that is wonderful for that special gift.

This orchid is special for Valentine and a favorite of ours.
Pretty In Pink or copy and paste this: http://orchid-store.orchids-plus-more.com/prettypink1890A.html
this is one of our favorites.br>
With deep red lips who can resist. A beauty that will last for years and you will be remembered for years.
Red Lip Phal

or copy and paste

And don't forget our special Engraved Roses
Engraved Roses

or copy and paste

Tip of the Month

It's February - So What Should We Be Doing?

Well there are several steps that should be taken during February with orchids:

First, Phals:
These are now in spike and bloom. Go to the annual orchid shows and you will find plenty of beautiful Phals and they will be on sale as well.

Now they are blooming you will need to water at least twice a week. Do not get any water on the blooms or you may cause a fungus to start.

Don't forget to fertilize with a fertilizer high in phosphorous. This will be a blossom booster for your plant. Generally, the blooms will last 2 -4 months. Remove the dead blooms or they can get a fungus infection as well.

For your catts, limit the watering and fertilizer to a minimum. Let the plant dry out before the next watering. Also, do not pot.

Try to be sure that your cattleya gets enough light. With winter light it is important for blooming to occur. If it is really cold outside especially at night, keep you orchids about a foot or so from the windows.

You may see a light brown sheath around the stem, if it is loose peel it off. Don't pull it off if it doesn't want to come.

This is a good time to try to buy some catt that bloom in the spring.

These are cold tolerant orchids. They can withstand a short burst of temps to 30 F. Right now they are at their peek in blooming for the most part.

Once again make sure they are watered frequently enough. They should not dry out between watering. Also, a fertilizer high in phosphorous is great to keep the bloom coming and to last longer.

If your plant is outside, don't let it get water logged or it will be a temptation for fungal disease.

Picture of the Month

The Alabama Orchid Society show. Here is 6 minutes that you will surely enjoy.

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