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September 2013 Fall 2013 Orchid Newsletter
September 04, 2013

Fall Orchid News

September 2013 Orchidaceae Newsletter

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Fall 2013 Newsletter of Orchidaceae.

It has been a pretty long time since I sent out any newsletters. I seem to have good intentions but "life" gets in the way.

The purpose of this one is twofold.

First off I would like to re-establish the relationship I have with my subscribers.

I hope to find out from those of you who are on my list the kind of things that you would like me to cover in my newsletters. How often you would like to see one? Monthly? Quarterly?

If you want to give me any feedback go to the "Contact" form on my website and tell me what you would like to see in a newsletter.

And second, I wanted to announce that I have finished my second e-book on orchids. "Orchid Care for Easy Orchids".

It is a concise little book, only about 40 pages long that covers 5 of the most popular orchids. It covers Phalaenopsis, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Cymbidiums and Cattleyas. It has a good summary of cultural needs for each type of orchid both throughout the copy and at the beginning of each section.

I was going to sell if from my site but I have yet to put a page up for it.

It is available in .pdf format, and for Kindle and Sony e-readers.

I will be listing it on Amazon Kindle I believe, so I will not be able to sell it myself once I do list it there, at least not for 90 days and possibly ever. On Kindle it will be probably $5.97.

I am offering it to my email subscribers,now for $1.99 for the next week ONLY, until September 12, 2013. After that I will list it on Kindle and it will be available there, and only there for at least the next 3 months.

IF you want to purchase one from me go to the "Contact" page on my website and tell me that you want to purchase it and what format you want it in (.pdf, kindle, or sony). I will send you a paypal invoice and once paid I will send it to you. You must contact me before September 12, 2013 to be able to purchase it at this price.

Of course, if you do purchase it I would welcome any feedback that you would share with me.

I have received several nice comments and positive recommendations from growers in the orchid trade. They have remarked on the usefulness of my "gorgeous little e-book". Yes, it has a lot of pictures, too!

Anyway, good to connect up with you all again.

I hope your orchid growing journey is continuing to enrich your life. And that I can continue to be helpful with that journey.

All the best till next time,


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